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descriptionRsyslog, the enhanced syslogd for Linux and Unix
last changeMon, 1 Sep 2014 10:47:54 +0000
22 hours ago Rainer Gerhardsmaintain ChangeLog master
22 hours ago bodikimgssapi: log remote peer ip in some error messages
3 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
3 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge branch 'v7-stable-bracketing'
3 days ago Rainer Gerhardsimpstats: add "bracketing" option v7-stable-bracketing
4 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge pull request #108 from chris-martin/typo
6 days ago Rainer Gerhardsremove unnecessary check
6 days ago bodikinclude remote host ip in some tcp server error messages
7 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge pull request #113 from darix/implicit-declaration...
7 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge branch 'v8-stable'
7 days ago Rainer Gerhardsmaintain ChangeLog
7 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge branch 'v7-stable' into v8-stable
7 days ago Rainer Gerhardsbugfix: mmanon did not properly anonymize IP addresses... v7-stable
11 days ago Marcus RückertGCC complained about implicit declaration of gettimeofday.
12 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge pull request #93 from deymo/tot-imuxsock-shrink
13 days ago Rainer Gerhardsremove a couple of gcc --pedantic messages
2 weeks ago v8.4.0 v8.4.0 -- new v8 stable branch
2 weeks ago v8.3.5 v8.3.5 (release candidate)
7 weeks ago v8.3.4 v8.3.4 (v8-devel)
2 months ago v8.3.3 v8.3.3 (v8-devel)
3 months ago v8.2.2 v8.2.2 (v8.2 stable)
4 months ago v8.3.2 v8.3.2 (v8-devel)
4 months ago v8.3.1 v8.3.1 (v8-devel)
4 months ago v8.2.1 v8.2.1
4 months ago v8.3.0 v8.3.0 (v8-devel)
5 months ago v8.2.0 v8.2.0 (v8-stable)
5 months ago v7.6.3 v7.6.3 (v7-stable)
5 months ago v7.6.2 v7.6.2 (v7-stable)
5 months ago v7.6.1 v7.6.1 (v7.6-stable)
6 months ago v8.1.6 v8.1.6 (release candidate)
6 months ago v7.6.0 v7.6.0 stable
6 months ago v7.4.10 v7.4.10 (v7.4-stable)
22 hours ago master
3 days ago v7-stable-bracketing
5 days ago v8-stable-rscryutil-debug
6 days ago v8-stable
7 days ago v7-stable
7 weeks ago v8-stable-newparsers
2 months ago v7-stable-qdebug
4 months ago v8-stable-solaris
4 months ago master-msg-as-json
4 months ago master-solaris
5 months ago v7-stable-relp-1.2.6
5 months ago master-mmexternal
6 months ago v7.4-stable
8 months ago v7.5.3-enhance
9 months ago c10
9 months ago master-lognorm1-noestr