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descriptionRsyslog, the enhanced syslogd for Linux and Unix
last changeThu, 21 May 2015 08:37:28 +0000
3 days ago Rainer Gerhardsmaintain ChangeLog master
4 days ago Rainer Gerhardsbugfix: build system strndup was used even if not present
4 days ago Rainer Gerhardsdoc: some info on Ubuntu build requirements
4 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge branch 'add-missing-tests' of https://github...
5 days ago Thomas DAdd missing "" test to EXTRA_DIST
5 days ago Thomas DFormation normalized
5 days ago Thomas DFix EXTRA_DIST listing
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardsbump version number
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardsprepare for 8.10.0 release v8-stable v8.10.0
5 days ago Rainer GerhardsMerge branch 'fix-omhttpfs' into imfile-regex
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardstravis: disable omhttpfs
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardsomhttpfs: some cleanup
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardsimfile: fix cosmetic memory leak
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardstestbench: add addtl valgrind test for imfile
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardsnit: typo fix (in comment)
5 days ago Rainer Gerhardscleanup
5 days ago v8.10.0 v8.10.0 (v8-stable)
4 weeks ago v8.9.0.ad1 v8.9.0.ad1
6 weeks ago v8.9.0 v8.9.0 (v8-stable)
2 months ago v8.8.0.ad1 v8.8.0.ad1
2 months ago v8.8.0 v8.8.0 (stable)
4 months ago v8.7.0 v8.7.0 (v8-stable)
5 months ago v8.6.0 v8.6.0 (v8-stable)
6 months ago v8.5.0 v8.5.0 (v8-devel)
7 months ago v8.4.2 v8.4.2 (v8-stable)
7 months ago v7.6.7 v7.6.7 (v7-stable)
7 months ago v7.6.6 v7.6.6 (v7-stable)
7 months ago v8.4.1 v8.4.1 (v8-stable)
8 months ago v7.6.5 v7.6.5 (v7-stable)
8 months ago v7.6.4 v7.6.4 (v7-stable)
9 months ago v8.4.0 v8.4.0 -- new v8 stable branch
9 months ago v8.3.5 v8.3.5 (release candidate)
2 days ago master-candidate
3 days ago master
5 days ago v8-stable
3 weeks ago v7-stable
3 months ago master-ompulltcp
4 months ago master-imfile
5 months ago tmp-candidate
5 months ago master-nocmdlineoptions
6 months ago master-cleanup
7 months ago v5-stable
7 months ago master-newjson
8 months ago v7-stable-restart
8 months ago v7-stable-problematic-7.6.5
8 months ago v3-stable
8 months ago v7-stable-bracketing
8 months ago v8-stable-rscryutil-debug