Improve mysql configure check (for unusual paths)
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2007-07-13 Rainer Gerhardsremoved old build system
2007-06-28 Rainer Gerhardsextremly minor: changed copyright year in makefiles v1-14-0
2007-06-11 Rainer Gerhardssome more fixes for FEATURE_KLOGD mechanism
2007-06-11 Rainer Gerhardschanges to make klogd integration compile under freebsd
2007-01-30 Rainer Gerhardsfixed a makefile bug that disabled db suppot when netzi...
2006-02-15 Rainer Gerhardspreparing for 1.12.2 release
2005-10-26 Rainer Gerhardsmade multithreading work under BSD
2005-10-26 Rainer Gerhardspreparing for 1.12.0 release v1-12-0
2005-10-25 Rainer Gerhardspatch for BSD-Makefile PTHREADS feature
2005-10-24 Rainer Gerhardsdoing some tests with cross-platform pthreads (mutex...
2005-10-12 Rainer Gerhardsfixed some make issues when compiling without rfc 3195... v1-11-0
2005-10-12 Rainer Gerhardsfinal touches for 1.11.0
2005-09-20 Rainer Gerhardsupdated Makefile for FreeBSD
2005-09-13 Rainer Gerhardsadded FROMHOST property to template system - thanks...
2005-08-15 Rainer Gerhardsmore makefile changes (trying to make it bulletproof)
2005-08-15 Rainer Gerhardsfixed bug in makefiles - MySQL support could not be...
2005-08-10 Rainer Gerhardsworking on optimizing the build environment - still...
2005-08-09 Rainer Gerhardsadding sample FreeBSD startup script
2005-08-09 Rainer Gerhardsrestructured makefile, because debian make has differen...