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last changeThu, 26 Mar 2015 14:08:50 +0000 (15:08 +0100)
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachAdded changelog entry beta devel master v4.1.3
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachAdded AutoFocus Code into DBMapping and Views Admin
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachAdded function to Add Focusscript
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachAdded Autofocus in Users and Charts Admin Panel
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachFixed some NOTICE error's
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachFixed REGEX filtering bug id #536
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachReorganized Searchform
2015-03-26 Andre LorbachAutofocus "Enable/disable personal Options" button...
2015-02-23 Andre LorbachAdded changelog entry v4.1.2
2015-02-23 Andre LorbachAdded missing helper image
2015-02-20 Andre LorbachFixed deprecated issues in html2pdf converter
2015-02-20 Andre LorbachFixed some deprecated error's with preg_replace
2015-02-20 Andre LorbachAdded workaround for report admin panel and MSIE8 problems
2015-02-20 Andre LorbachAdded support for detecting more timestamps in RFC5424...
2015-02-20 Andre LorbachFixed Installation bug #518 with $ character
2015-02-20 Andre LorbachFixed bug in dbmapping admin panel bugid #533
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