descriptionAn Event Expression Library inspired by CEE
last changeWed, 17 Apr 2013 06:37:01 +0000 (08:37 +0200)
2013-04-17 Yao Zhaobugfix: parallel make failed master
2012-10-08 Rainer Gerhardsfix confusing typo in COPYING file
2012-08-26 Miloslav TrmačDon't crash on arrays in JSON
2012-08-26 Rainer Gerhardsbump version number, document API enhancement in ChangeLog
2012-08-26 Milan Bartosfixed possible problem with curNode == NULL
2012-08-26 Milan Bartosfix replaceValue and deleteField
2012-08-26 Milan BartosAdd support for index n != 0 to getFieldValueAsStr...
2012-08-26 Milan BartosAdd function for replacing values in field.
2012-06-05 Miloslav TrmačFix (make check) when libestr is not installed in /usr
2012-04-16 Rainer Gerhardspreparing for 0.4.1 release v0.4.1
2012-04-05 Rainer Gerhardsfixed in regard to math lib
2012-03-19 Rainer Gerhardsadded -lm to linker options, as cjson needs the math lib
2012-02-25 Rainer Gerhardsuse AM_SILENT_RULES only if available
2012-02-21 Rainer Gerhardspreparing for 0.4.0 release v0.4.0
2012-02-21 Rainer GerhardsMerge branch 'cjson'
2012-02-21 Johannes Nixdorfrename convert tool to prevent name clash with ImageMag...
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7 years ago v0.1.0
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