Note: there are also official repositories on github for most of the repositories present here. Please consider contributing to rsyslog.
For more information read Where to find the rsyslog source code, which applies to rsyslog-related projects (like librelp) as well.


Project Description Owner Last Change
libee.git An Event Expression Library... 21 months ago
libestr.git some essentials for string... 4 days ago
libgt.git GuardTime API 4 days ago
liblogging.git Liblogging is an easy to use... 4 days ago
liblognorm.git very fast sample-based log... 4 days ago
librelp.git RELP (reliable event logging... 4 days ago
logtools.git a set of tools useful for... 3 years ago
phplogcon.git phpLogCon, a web interface... 2 months ago
rsyslog.git Rsyslog, the enhanced syslogd... 103 min ago
windlx.git The WinDLX simulator developed... 5 years ago